20 Best Loungewear Brands For Women

20 Best Loungewear Brands For Women

These days, we’re spending a lot of time indoors. From the bedroom to the kitchen, we’re all making the rounds and keeping everyone safe at the same time. So when it’s time to lounge about the living room, it’s a great idea to do it in style. These brands provide extreme comfort and stunning designs, leaving you feeling luxurious and ready to relax. From the morning to night, and from the kitchen to the mailbox, here are the best loungewear brands that everyone is wearing right now.

1. Free People

Combine the festival styling with a sprinkle of luxury, and you’ve found Free People. This loungewear provides comfort and beauty wrapped into one, with styles that suit everyone. Choose from a silky pair of shorts, a fleece sweater, or some active-ready workout gear. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or practicing yoga in your living room, you’ll be feeling your best wearing this gorgeous brand.

2. Baserange

Basernage’s simple philosophy of comfortable clothes will last the test of time. These stylish and delicate pieces, from socks to jumpsuits, will provide endless wear and keep you comfy during your stay at home. The pieces are so timeless that you can wear them with your PJs or workwear – keep these in your wardrobe, and you’ll be ready for any occasion!

3. Skin

Using high-quality fabrics and cutting-edge designs, Skin provides comfortable and stunning loungewear for everyone. These pieces are made to be seen, thanks to its organic cotton and gorgeous designs. For the days where you just want to relax, and while you’re working around the house, there’s something here to suit you. Opt for a two-set, dressing gown or a nightie – there are so many options for you to choose from.

4. Hanro

Enjoy pure luxury on your skin with Hanro. This Swedish designer creates artistic and stylish loungewear and is perfect for everybody. The sleek and funky pajama sets are so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them everywhere you go, and the slinky singlets and shorts look great on all figures. For the colder months, opt for the wool and silk blend leggings, which will provide extreme relief after a long day.

5. Pact

Stay stylish and do your part for the environment while wearing Pact. This sustainable and sleek brand provides comfortable clothes without harming the planet. Every piece is made with organic cotton, and the designs are so versatile that you can wear them all year long. Try your hand in a T-shirt pajama set or feel fresh in one of their nighties. There are so many options to choose from that you’ll want something in every color.