Luxury Fashion Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

Luxury Fashion Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

With the coming of a new year, there is always a lot of anticipation among fashion enthusiasts concerning what trends would rock the industry. Trends come and go and as we prepare for the New Year, it is expected that old styles will be making a comeback and new designs will be on the rise.

2020 is going to see the introduction of some of the most fascinating luxury fashion trends. Here are some of the most important fashion trends that the beginning of the new decade would bring:

Leather is making a huge appearance on everything

Leather is going to be everywhere in 2020. We would be having everything in leather from trench coats to shirts and dresses. What’s more? The fact that we will be seeing leather in a wide range of colors will give this comeback trend a fresh and new look.

Deconstructed Suits is a trend that will continue into 2020

This trend made a constant appearance on red carpets and runways in 2019. In the New Year, we should not be expecting this trend to be going anytime soon. The most popular variations of this trend are suit jackets with crop tops underneath or short jackets with crop tops. This beginning of the new decade is sure to see some new variations of the trend.

Collar necklaces and Hoop earrings are going to important accessories of 2020

Hoops earrings are going to be very popular in the New Year. Scriptural jewellery-like bangles and necklaces are also going to be popular in 2020. Hoops are going to be in new and exciting variations. New shapes and sizes are going to make things exciting. This is a particular trend that should be looked forward to.

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